Minimalist Survival

A fearless community of like-minded individuals looking to learn and prepare for what life might throw at them.

Minimalist Survival is about learning to thrive in all sorts of conditions. That includes everyday life. We may end up in a survival situation sometime in out life, but the majority will be everyday living. This is why we focus on minimalist living - to learn to live in peace in any situation. 


There are no official rules of minimalism, it's basically what you decide to do to de-clutter to bring you more peace. You can live as minimal as you want and still call yourself a minimalist. In the day an age we are living, you can dress up as a deer and call yourself a fish. It's up to you. Just ...

Extreme Traveling

I never really thought about the idea of breaking mental barriers until my wife and I got into a big fight a while back. The argument started because I had a harsh tone when I asked her to do something. Like most arguments, it started off small and turned into something neither of us expected...

Minimalist prepping is just like normal prepping except you might not have as much stuff and spend a little more money, but with a lot more peace. The key is to buy products that will actually ...

do's and dont's

What would you do in a disaster and you don't have access to medicine for all your aches and pains? For most people, you will be out of luck, but for the Minimalist Prepper, you ...

A lot of people start stocking up on food, gear, and their survival skills, but they neglect the one thing that holds all that together...

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peace written on the beach sand

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines fear as "an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger."


Fear causes people to think and act in irrational ways. It causes many problems. I believe the only good that comes from fear is not getting so confident or prideful that you do something stupid, like...

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