How to be able to live in a car.

Let us beware of the essentials if you find your selfie having to leave your home due to an expected situation. one of the steps is to grab some stuff and run to the vehicle. Due to its safety and mobility, you will be able to feel secure. It might not be the ideal living for an extended period. There are few situations that you need to put your foot on the road and live in your car. suddenly became homeless or needed to save money were told by local authorities to evacuate the place.

3. fully booked shelters and hotels. want to take a trip.

Now you know that having a plan before this life situation can be alleviating when facing it. This post will lead to the best strategy to live in a car for days, weeks, during an emergency, listing the items to pack and what not to forget behind. Because, when the time comes, we might not have time or the mind in the right place to make a concrete plan.

Why choosing the car for an emergency is a great option?

Despite the protection against the external environment, Vehicles, in general, are not the ideal housing for many people. However, the Vanlife lifestyle increased, and for some is not just a short time living due to the minimalism that promotes for the adapters.

You can easily move

If you do not like a particular area or need extra gear or food, you take everything you own to make sure nobody would steal while you are gone.

You have electricity

Being far from the comfort of your home during an extreme weather situation is scary and not so comfortable. With a car, you can manage to at least choose the temperature charge a phone. This shelter provides you with immediate protection from the weather, such as rain, windstorms, snow—even animals and bugs. It is essential to choose the right car and the most important, have car insurance.

You can store your stuff.

A car can be life-saving when is in terms of storage if compared to foot, especially if you have a pet or a kid. Extra people extra lugged, again consider this when to choose the right car.

Having a place to sleep

You might be thinking now, where should I go to park my vehicle? Here are some options.

. Walmart very flexible when it comes to parking overnight.

. Schools

. Hospitals

. Airports

. Big builds park lot

Managing your life while living in a car.

Here are the things we must take into consideration


Keep you and your family safe

The idea of living in a car even temporarily can sound dangerous, but it does not have to be. You should take steps to guarantee that security is a top priority.

· Use a car steering wheel lock to discourage someone from stealing your car since studies show that its effectiveness is not 100% for professional thieves.

  • Install a carbon monoxide detector in the car can be very loud and takes some maintenance, but it is worthy of keeping everyone safe. Nowadays, you can find the proper size for a vehicle.

  • A tire clamp prevents 360 degrees movement on your tires; make sure to choose the right size for your tires.

  • Invest in a multitask car alarm that tells you car location. Keep people from open your doors while you inside.

  • Have defensive weapons ready to go, including teasers or anything you can afford and feel comfortable using.

  • Get good AMP protection for your beloved car.


One can feel that it is a challenging task to give up on showers. Nonetheless, we can and must keep ourselves clean while this is also part of a healthy habit and will keep you feeling good inside and outside.

. Baby wipes

. Wash hands regularly

. Brush teeth in restaurants or anywhere with a sink

. Campsites with a shower included

. For the long term, go to hotels between days

. Truck stops

. Visit your membership gym if you have one

. consider the possibility of investing in a solar shower

When nature calls, you might choose to go to public restrooms as much as you can. However, it is not always an option; for this reason, you might search for the perfect portable toilet or even for devices that allow a female to urine on a device proper for a car.

Cars sometimes are either too hot or too cold even with the proper air conditioning running. For this, extra precaution takes place.


. wool blankets

. Sleep bags that are a wide variety available.

. Heating Pads

. electric blanket


On the other side too hot weather can lead to dehydration and several other problems; here are some precautions.

. cover windows with curtains blocking sunlight plus it offers privacy which you might miss being in a car for a while.

. Park in a shaded area and use a sunlight reflector

. Use fun but not all the time since it can cause health issues if not used in moderation.

Keep up the routine, even the fun side.

Better enjoy the time you have to do outdoor exercises rather than stay on your phone.

. Go to the church if you had the habit to do so

. Visit a library. Museum

. go fishing

. learn archery

. Hiking

. biking

Eating while living in a car

You don’t need to spend money every day to eat in a restaurant. Bring with you what you can to manage to cook you something out of scratch. Pans and portable grills are the least you might put on your list, as well as coolers and silverwares. Here is a list of meals that you can cook while outdoor.

. Pasta such as noodles

. Canned food. dry food

. Protein shakes and bars

Organize your storage

The idea to bring your entire house with you can be tempting, and this can make things look a mess and hard to keep clean and tidy. Do not make like other people that bring unnecessary items. Each centimeter matter on your storage, so think like a minimalist prepper and know what to get.


. Have dirty clothes separated from clean ones

. Food storage boxes and tapware, and ziplock bags

. First Emergency aid and personal pharmacy

. Toolbox

. Good backpack and briefcases

Storage units can be of use when planning to live out of your car for a long time; they can store items that are of significant value, emotional and material.

Consider the following list as an inspiration for your list of personal items to take with you.

. Eye cover

. Neck pillow

. Gun massager for long sitting times on the road.

. Houseware such as pillows, pillow covers, sheets


. Personal hygiene kit

. Alcohol

. Emergency first aid kit

. Personal medicines

. Charges

. Fire extinguisher

. Red flag

. Hand Sanitizer

. Flares

. Extra tier

. Carbon monoxide detector

. Sunscreen

. Charchol

. Clean products

Have the mindset ready is not out of this list, be out of the crowd when an emergency occurs. Be the one that others look for advice. Have a list of items to check inventory in hand to know that you have not forgotten anything. Practice before you living the situation will give you a sense of self-confidence in dealing with everything.

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