Power Grid Problems

Look at what happened in Texas recently, they get a little cold weather and the power grid collapses. Many people were without power and many received outrageous power bills, some over $15,000. You might not be able to plan and determine how much your utility service provider will charge you if you are on a variable rate plan, but you can plan for blackouts.

Many people said they will never forget the year 2020, but that might not be true forever. This world just keeps getting more and more funny! The one thing we can thank year 2020 is that it opened our eyes to uncertainty.

No one could have predicted the toilet paper shortage or the lockdowns of entire countries! This was very surprising for all of us. Just like it was surprising to see Texan's receiving $15,000 power bills. Now that we have our eyes opened to the uncertainties of the world, we should probably start preparing. Two of the most basic necessities we can't live without is food and water. Since most Americans store most of their food in their Fridge and freezers, we need electricity to keep that food from getting spoiled.

I recommend getting additional power supplies for at least your fridge and freezers. It doesn't take long for that food to thaw out and get spoiled. Power banks are great to use for occasional power outages. You can just plug your fridge or freezer in to the power bank and wait until the power comes back on. Lion Energy has high quality Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries that will hold a charge for a year. They also have power banks and entire energy survival kits with solar panels. I recommend the Lion Safari ME It is the powerful pack they have. You can also attach an additional battery on top and solar panels to keep the pack running all the time. If you use the coupon code AQ you can save 15% off your entire order.

You can also get a gas generator to power your entire home or for small appliances. You might need to build a small shed to store this away from your home and garage to keep the exhaust from getting in. You don't want to get carbon monoxide poisoning, which can happen pretty fast and unexpectedly, especially if you are sleeping. DuroMax makes a good generator that can be run on gasoline or propane. Depending on the model, their generator should supply enough power for your entire home. If you are going to get a gas generator, make sure you have some extra gas in storage. Make sure you have a stabilizer if it is going to sit for a while. Otherwise replace it every few months. You can use it in your other vehicles and refill it when empty.

Another thing to consider is running the generator with the fuel line tuned to the "off" position until the engine dies. This will burn most of the fuel out of the carburetor so it doesn’t gum up. Gasoline gums up pretty quick if it sits for a few months. I have had to clean many ATV carburetors after only sitting over the winter. They either didn’t run right or run at all, just because the fuel sat too long. Usually a quick clean would solve the problem though. Better to be safe than sorry though, especially if your food supply is on the line.

One more thing I want to add is electronic surge protection. Natural disasters can cause all sorts of problems. One of them being electricity power surges. EMP Shield makes surge protectors for Vehicles, Generators, entire Home or Business, Solar equipment, and more. The EMP Shield has been tested by the same DOD testing facility that the military uses, Keystone Compliance. All of their shields are approved to withstand and protect your electronics from all three EMP phases. It not only protects your electronics from an EMP, power surges, but also lightning strikes as well. It comes with a $25,000 warranty if their product fails. Go to to choose the protection you need. If you use the EMP Shield coupon code: minimals50 you can get $50 off each EMP Shield you purchase.

No one ever really wants to spend money to prepare for the future, but every time they do and something happens, they are always glad they did.

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