Spooked a Deer? What now?

Updated: May 24

You spooked a deer getting into your stand or while you were sitting. Now what? This isn't the easiest question to answer. Just like people, deer have different experiences, been exposed to different environments, and have different personalities. One deer is different than the next.

I have had two deer walk up and when I moved my bow to draw they both got spooked and ran. However, one came back 2 minutes later and the other stayed away. You also never really know how many deer are actually out there with you. Just recently, I spooked two does and they ran off and didn't come back. Two minutes later another doe came. I shot and missed her. The arrow hit some brush and blew past her. She obviously took off. I contemplated putting another arrow in since I just spooked all the deer. I figured I would sit a little longer so I grabbed another arrow. Turns out, I should have been much quieter, because three more deer were in the distance keeping an eye on the area. Two of them started blowing at me and the third walked up not scared at all.

My best advice is to just sit still and wait, because their might be more deer around the corner. Even if some of them never come back because you scared them so bad, there will probably be more out there that you didn't spook. Just like fishing, it's impossible to know how many fish are swimming below you.

If you don't have the best feel for the area or know the deer spook easy, you might want to wait a day or two before hunting the area again. This is why it's best to have a few different places to hunt, so you can maximize your time in the woods. If you only have one place to hunt and limited time, then I would say go for it. Get back out there and give it your best shot, but make sure you are doing a good job being quiet and controlling your scent.

Happy Hunting!

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