Why Become a Minimalist?

Updated: May 24

There are no official rules of minimalism, it's basically what you decide to do to de-clutter to bring you more peace. You can live as minimal as you want and still call yourself a minimalist. In the day an age we are living, you can dress up as a deer and call yourself a fish. It's up to you. Just because you call yourself a minimalist doesn't mean you always need to behave like one. The point of minimalism is to get rid of stress. For most people, having too many things and obligations brings more stress, which causes a general decline in wellbeing.

Here are some benefits to living a minimalist lifestyle.

Spend less time cleaning

The more things you own, the more time you'll spend cleaning. This is also true for the less things you own, the less time you will spend cleaning. Most people don't wake up and say "man, I am really excited about cleaning today! Today is going to be a good day!" I guess unless they are being sarcastic. The point is, cleaning is not fun, so why don't you de-clutter so you can spend more time on things you actually enjoy doing?

Fewer distractions

The more organized and de-cluttered you are, the easier it is to find things. This results in more time and fewer distractions. If you are 100% focused on your work or task, you are going to finish it faster than if you are distracted by clutter or being disorganized. Inventors and scientists have found that they are more productive and creative when they are in solitude free from distraction. Yoshiro Nakamatsu known for over 3500 patents even goes underwater and in his bathroom to get creative and be free from distractions.

Invest your minimalist savings

You can sell things in your home to de-clutter and use that money for investment opportunities. Likewise, with all the money you save on not buying cluttery stuffy, you can use that for investments. I quit drinking alcohol about 5 years ago. I told myself I would buy a gun with the money I saved from not drinking. I was spending about $100 to $200 a month on alcohol, so I was able to buy several nice guns each year. That was my investment, what is yours?

Prepare for emergencies

Emergencies can happen to anyone at anytime. With all the money you save as a minimalist you can use some of it for emergencies. You can stock up on survival food, a generator, or other equipment to better prepare you to give you the peace of mind knowing you would be protected in the event of an emergency. With fewer possessions, you can open up space you might not have had to put your emergency preparedness equipment.

Start something new

Becoming a minimalist can give you the time and energy to start or do something you have always wanted to do. Maybe you wanted to take up making pottery, or start a side business, or go traveling to exotic places. Whatever you decide, you will most likely have more time to do it since your home and life will be clutter free.

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