Next Generation EMP Protection With Military Certified Testing. Listed by the Department of Homeland Security.


This top of the line surge protector will protect your home and business generators from EMP attacks, lightning strikes, and power surges. Even if you have a device to protect your home, you will still need this to protect your generator in case of an EMP attack or other power surges. Unless the generator is wired to your home and the breaker is switched on at the time of the attack, the generator won't be protected. You will need an EMP Shield for your home and generator to keep both operational in the event of an EMP. The EMP Shield is cheaper and more effective than a faraday cage. If we are wrong, you are cover by a $25,000 warranty to cover the damage.


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Generator EMP Shield Surge Protector (SP-120-240-G)

    • The Government has released an EMP Executive order & Homeland Security is urging people to get prepared quickly!
    • Although the grid may be down, your electrical equipment and home will still be functional if you have EMP Shield. 
    • EMP Shield will ensure your vehicle operates after an EMP helping you get home, save family members, or even get supplies while others cannot.
    • Your home will be 100% protected from lightning saving you thousands of dollars and months of time if you are hit with lightning.
    • If you have a solar system or generator, you will have power and functional equipment while others do not!